Bài viết chia sẻ 6 hiệu ứng ảnh grunge hay nhất. Bạn có thể cách điệu hình ảnh để áp dụng các hiệu ứng ảnh tuyệt đẹp theo yêu cầu của bạn.

Tải xuống 6 hiệu ứng ảnh Grunge tuyệt vời để áp dụng cho ảnh của bạn

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Grunge photo effects are one of the photo effects to make stunning photos. Grunge was coined in the early 90s to describe a genre of music. Then it migrates to photography. As the word indicates, grunge photo effects add dirty texture effects to your photos and give your photos a different and unique look. Similar to grunge music, grunge photography challenges the viewers and makes them enjoy an aesthetic realm.

Awesome Grunge Photo Effects

Part 1: 6 Best Stunning Grunge Photo Effects

To help you understand grunge photo effects clearly, here are six identified and stunning photo effects below. Just view the photo effects to get some great ideas. All photo effects are free to download.

Top 1: Old Movie

Old Movie is one of the most classic of grunge photo effects. It represents a continuous cement pattern. The texture almost covers the entire surface. And you can apply it to photos about the city to highlight the boring and drabness of daily life.

Old Movie Grunge Effects

Top 2: Sepia

Loại cá mực is a grunge photo effect imitating a marshy pattern. The texture was carelessly interrupted at the right bottom. If you want to apply a grunge effect to photos of various urban objects, you can get the classic photo filters with ease.

Sepia Grunge Effects

Top 3: Chaos

Just as the name, the Chaos grunge photo effect represents a discontinuous pattern with an unstable structure. It is more suitable for selfies and portraits since it won’t distract the attention from the photo. But it can enhance fashion. So, many apparel photos use similar textures.

Chaos Grunge Effects

Top 4: Scratched Wood

Scratch wood grunge photo effect is a dark pattern with whitish spraying. It is suitable for selfies shooting near the buildings or even apply filters to a dark environment. If you want to create a punk style in your photos, this effect can meet your need.

Scratch Wood Grunge Photo Effect

Top 5: Faded

The homogeneous and creamy pattern with some scratches on the left side makes the faded grunge photo effect perfect for various events and street snapshot photos.

Faded Grunge Photo Effect

Top 6: Green Scratches

Unlike other grunge photo effects, green scratch has a continuous and marsh pattern. The texture symbolizes freedom from any rules, getting rid of chaos, and creativity.

Green Scratches Grunge Effect

Grunge photos are very fashionable and popular among young people. In addition, to use a single effect, you can experiment with mixing multiple textures to get a result.

Part 2: How to Apply Grunge Photo Effects with Photoshop

How to apply grunge effects to your photos? Photoshop should be the best trình chỉnh sửa ảnh to add grunge photo effects according to your requirements. Just download the pictures above and follow the steps below to get satisfying photo effects.

bước 1: Open the desired photos you want to add grunge photo effects in your Photoshop. Copy the background layer by clicking the Lớp mới icon in the Layers panel. It is a method to preserve the original image during the editing process.

bước 2: Make sure to select the Grunge layer in the Layers panel. Go to the Lọc menu và chọn Gợn tùy chọn từ Xuyên tạc list. When you access the Ripple dialog, you can change the Số tiền option to 999% and set the Kích thước tùy chọn như Trung bình.

Set Ripple Parameter with Photoshop

bước 4: Head to the Lọc menu và chọn Cách điệu Lựa chọn. Sau đó chọn Khuếch tán from the top menu bar to trigger the popup dialog. Then keep the default settings and hit the OK button. It will apply the grunge photo effects directly to the photos.

Choose Diffuse Mode with Photoshop

bước 5: You need to soften the grunge photo effect. Click the Lọc menu và chọn Gaussian tùy chọn của Blur option from the menu bar. Then on the Gaussian mờ dialog, set the Radius to 0.5 pixels, and then click the OK nút để xác nhận.

bước 6: To make the grunge photo effect with random texture, you also need the Splatter filter. Go to the Lọc menu và chọn Splatter tùy chọn từ Nét cọ option. Set the Bán kính phunĐộ mịn options to 9 and 4. Hit the OK để xác nhận nó.

Splatter Effect with Photoshop

bước 7: You will notice that the entire photo is in a grunge photo effect, but it looks not very good. Here you can use the layer mask to get the desired photo effect. Locate the Layers panel and click the Thêm lớp mặt nạ icon at the bottom.

Adjust New Layer with Photoshop

bước 8: Chọn Đánh tool on the toolbox. And you will see several options behind the main menu bar. Select a round soft-edged brush from the Bộ chọn bàn chải option and set the Opacity to 100%. Paint where you want to under-lying the background layer to show through on the layer mask.

Đề xuất: Trình chỉnh sửa ảnh tốt nhất: WidsMob Retoucher

If you need to apply a grunge photo effect within clicks, WidsMob Retoucher should be a versatile photo filter program you can consider. Whether you need to use sepia grunge filters, add old movie noise, or even apply hiệu ứng phim tương tự, it can combine the different photo effects according to your requirement.

  1. Apply and combine different grunge filters and effects within clicks.
  2. Add analog film effects, apply noise, adjust color parameters, and more.
  3. Support a wide range of photo and image formats includes Tệp RAW.
  4. Save photos to a hard drive or share them on social media directly.
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Kết luận

Here you can understand what grunge photo effect is and how to apply it to your photos easily. The grunge photo effect is a wise choice to attract attention on social media. You can download the best photo effect above and apply it to your photos directly or use a photo editor to create the photo effect manually. Before that, WidsMob Retoucher is a versatile solution that helps you retouch pictures and apply the grunge photo effect with ease.